Services that support investigations

Professional law enforcement services

The NMPR provides police and other law enforcement agencies with the richest, most current source of personal property information available anywhere - regardless of location or device it provides real-time, actionable intelligence.

In support of the NMPR and its crime reduction goals a number we provide additional services that are summarised below.

Awareness Sessions

The NMPR is an extremely powerful and capable tool but like any good practice, it needs awareness to ensure that the forces obtains the maximum benefits. We have a number of ex-police officers that deliver awareness sessions for us. These are free to forces and able to be scheduled on a regular basis nationwide to ensure new officers and staff are fully aware.

Please contact us to learn more.

Statement and expert witness services

NMPR results are regularly presented as evidence during prosecutions. Our statement service is well proven at meeting the needs of prosecutors. When required we are happy to submit to cross-examination and have always done so with the best results, expertly explaining in a court setting why evidence from NMPR and its data sources is reliable.

Deep data analysis

The NMPR has direct access Recipero's expansive ecosystem of personal possession data. To aid criminal and anti-terror investigations we are able to provide deep data analysis across billions of records. To learn more about this special service please contact us.

Custom NMPR reporting and integrations

Although a the NMPR is a national system we recognise that many forces have special requirements. Whether that is integration of NMPR search and results in a bespoke device environment, automated data cleaning and provision, or reporting on force-specific metrics we can help. Please contact us to learn more.